Gamba Family Violin family Restorings Atelier
Before entering the State Collection of the former Soviet Union the original of this violin belonged to violinist Pestel.
The label bears the date of 1628; one of the best instruments made by Antonio and Gerolamo Amati, extremely beautiful and preserved in excellent condition.
I n the opinion of Vatelot, though, this instrument could have been made by Nicola Amati.
Here you can see two variants of the model, one with a single piece back and the other one with a two-piece back.

Here are shown the standard '700 fingerboard and tailpiece, both veneered with ebony, but you can also choose the mounting in the typical '600 style, with curly maple fingerboard and tailpiece, decorated with a geometrical purfling inlay.

You can see a specimen of this style in the tenor viola section.

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